Is built on Honesty, Loyalty, Persistence and Fairness and will never abandon these core values.

Honesty: The firm belief that your word is all that you have to offer. Trust is hard to gain and easily lost. There is no problem that cannot be solved with timely, honest communication.

Loyalty: We will never get where we are going without lasting partnerships and friendships. We recognize that commitment and faithfulness are essential to our success.

Persistence: The relentless focus on the end goal. Getting the job done every time without sacrificing quality or expectations.

Fairness: Always treat people right. Sustainability can only result when all parties are allowed to gain in some form from each transaction.

Our mission is to provide consistent, value-driven, quality truckload service to our shippers from the moment an order is placed, to the time it ships, to the time it delivers and at every moment throughout the process. We will provide the best freight opportunities possible to our carriers, pay fair rates and treat them like they were our own. We will seek and retain the best transportation people in the business and provide an environment in which they can flourish